A large number of power plant owners in a variety of countries today rely on energy control systems from Quest for their daily operations. The following are a few examples of successful projects run by Quest and its partners.

2000s – The First Megawatt Plants

We launched the development of today’s product line named Chorus in close cooperation with researchers at a university and a turbine manufacturer in south Europe. From the very start of the project, we persistently incorporated existing industry standards and technologies such as Ethernet, Bluetooth, CAN, etc. We also made sure to build our products on highly modular and flexible engineering. As a result, we are now proud to announce that the reliable Chorus technology is being used in wind power plants all around the planet up to 1.6 MW.

1990s – An Emerging Asian Giant

We played a vital role in the success of an Asian windmill supplier that now has made its way well into the global top 10 list. We provided a solution matching their needs and successfully delivered control systems for their series consisting of 270–350 kW plants. Through this project we gained valuable and specific experience around unstable power grids and also about electronics working in tropical environments.

1980s – A European Star is Born

Already in the early 1980s we were faced with the challenge to provide one of the market's first computer based windmill controllers for an ambitious start-up manufacturer. These early wind turbines were equipped with a pitch control function covering turbines up to 200 kW. We believe our reliable solutions heavily contributed to the manufacturer’s coming success placing it amongst the top 5 suppliers in the world.

Hydropower – with any turbine and generator type

Hydropower, just like wind power, is well suited to be controlled by Quest technology. One of our latest hydro projects involves two-beam Pelton turbines with a 315 meter head and generators producing 5 MW at 6.6 kV. In this Scandinavian project Quest launched the master-slave control concept for two-turbine plants and the alarm-over-SMS feature keeping power plant managers informed wherever they are.

We deliver control systems for plants with Francis, Kaplan and Pelton turbines using synchronous or asynchronous generators.