Quest's current control system family is named The Chorus Line and is well suited for several types of electrical power generation.

It includes the central controller (ChorusCPU) with its associated software packages (ChorusOS + ChorusDIRECTOR), a thyristor driver (ChorusIGNIT) and a transformer for voltage measurements (ChorusTRAFO).

The system is built in such a compact way that these products, together with a few distributed CAN based I/O modules, make up the entire data acquisition and control system you need.

For you, as our partner, The Chorus Line translates into these …


  • Proven high reliability
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Efficient maintenance on site
  • Develop your own unique and confidential functions


  • Open application software
  • Handheld PDA terminals with wireless communication
  • A compact and modular system design incorporating industrial standards
  • A dedicated organisation listening eagerly to its partners

For more information, please download our brochure (focused on wind power).