The Real-time Operating System with Power 
- for Power Generation

Quest is not a generic electronics firm. Instead we are specialists focused on power plant control. Consequently, our software is totally adapted to the unique requirements of electrical generation. Naturally, it is a true real-time system.

The software consists of two major packages:

  • The operating system (i.e. the software platform) dealt with on this page, and
  • The application software “ChorusDIRECTOR” (reflecting the power plant functionality)

The operating system has been specifically designed for the very fast processes involved in electrical energy generation. Being object oriented and programmed in C++ it provides resource objects (for example a timer or a measured value limit check) for application software and, hence, facilitates the work of application programmers. The latter feature is important especially for partners who adapt and develop application software themselves. All users, however, benefit from its speed and stability perfectly matching the demands of electric power control.