Application Software - For Generation in Perfect Tune

Computer hardware is the visible part of a control system whereas the intelligent functions are all a matter of software.

This is the key product that really supervises generator speeds, regulates yaw direction or water flows and sends you an alarm if your gearbox is overheated (just to mention a few examples). It is the director of the control system and therefore of the entire power plant.

Chorus' application software (reflecting the power plant functions) has been built on 20+ years of hands-on experience from electrical energy. All major applications are open for our partners. On request you can receive the software tools needed to create and modify functions that are specific for your power plant model. This shortens your lead times and puts you in full control. When our engineering assistance is desired, all results will be kept strictly confidential.

The software is coded in standard C++ which makes programming available to a very large number of software engineers.