This is the residence of Chorus' intelligence.

The compact hardware includes the central computer, fundamental inputs/outputs and communication towards operator interface and other external systems.

Other signals are connected via data buses providing total flexibility. An Ethernet port is also included. All inputs/outputs as well as the communication ports on ChorusCPU are protected through galvanic isolation.

By including the all-important current and voltage inputs directly on the main CPU board, the system features a superb accuracy in measurements and in the detection of zero crossings. For the user this implies:

  • A fast and soft synchronisation of the power plant to the grid
  • A minimum of unwanted harmonics fed to the grid
  • Low wear and tear on bearings
  • Minimal stress on generator windings
  • An accurate follow-up of the amounts of energy delivered

Generator systems having a frequency converter are normally controlled from ChorusCPU via a CAN bus.

The entire ChorusCPU is fitted in a compact steel housing, protecting it from possible mechanical as well as electrostatical damage. Thanks to its slim physical design it is very easy to fit even into the most narrow plants.